How to Apply

The goal of American Career College's GED Preparation Program is to make every step of the process as convenient as possible. Part of that process is to make the application to our program simple and quick. Just click the "Apply to the GED Prep Program" link below and complete the form. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Who Qualifies?

There are only three qualifications you must meet to attend the program:

  1. Pass the entrance exam, which will help us personalize the GED Preparation Program for you. We want to make sure every student who enters has a program that meets their needs in passing the GED.
  2. Interview with one of our GED Coaches to get an idea of our program and how you can benefit from it.
  3. Be willing to attend our program and stay focused. Your success is determined by how much you want to gain from this program. If you succeed and pass the GED, then we at ACC succeed as well.


Did You Know?

If you're older, that's OK. Did you know that the average age of passers in 2010 across all jurisdictions was 25.4 years? (2010 GED Testing Program Statistical Report © 2011 American Council on Education)

Apply to the GED Prep Program